Ken's deck

C.F. Oakland, CA

Oren and his crew were great.  Repaired a pocket door, which not just anyone can do, on a 1950's building.  Good as knew.  Prepped and cleaned up well for a meticulous tenant.  Did what he said he would do when he said he would do it.  Also a nice, trustworthy guy.  I'm sure I will be calling you again...  Thanks, Oren.

Farhad F., Berkeley, CA

Oren works extremely hard, fast, and with detail. He's also a great communicator, and knows how to build to a high standard of quality. His bids are representative of his work, and come on budget.

Initially, he fixed a squeaky door for me (and showed me how I could have fixed it myself), then built a new gate (solid), and repaired an old gate (smooth). He and his colleague (his name escapes me) are very personable.

Doors/gates are his specialty. Highly recommended.

Rachel A, fist time homeowner, El Cerrito

Master carpenter; solves problems; able to sort out plumbing and electrical issues but never ventures in over his head; smart, reliable and resourceful. Plus he knows EVERYBODY....Plays well with other workers on the job. 

Linus H., Richmond, CA

I had what turned out to be a fairly minor kitchen cabinet job and, well, Oren disposed of it quickly and efficiently. I'm pleased. He's also a pleasant conversationalist, if I may say.

Susie W., Rockridge, Oakland, CA

Since originally hiring Oren to work on my house, he worked on a number of other projects.

1) Installed 5 doors, a mix of exterior and interior doors, several which were a bit challenging as they had vintage charm / flaws as I had scored them at Urban Ore.

2) Installed 2 range hoods with exterior venting

3) Installed bathroom sinks - responding to a plumbing emergency very quickly.

4) Handled the carpentry on cabinets to install a dishwasher

And all sorts of little things.

Oren has become a trusted expert who I hire to give his second opinion before and during jobs for which I might hire other specialists. Having a second opinion is especially awesome on expensive jobs involving various house systems.

Gabriella D. Berkeley, CA

The first time I hired Oren was to seal off a floor duct in my parents' house a couple of years ago. He did a spectacular job that day, and since then, he's done tons of work on their old craftsman and converted carriage house, ranging from replacing a toilet to a complete kitchen renovation with custom counters and shelving and under-cabinet LED lighting... He's a creative problem solver and is great at thinking outside the box to come up with financially conservative solutions to challenging old-house problems. His work is always top-notch and he leaves the spaces he works in clean and tidy. He's also become a good friend and adviser and has seen me through several rough patches as I've navigated the waters of baby rearing, parental eldercare, and remote property management largely solo. He's basically the Yoda of carpentry, only much younger and a lot less green. I'm lucky to have found such a trustworthy and all-around great person to help me with my family's property.

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